• Green House Cleaning, HomePlus Cleaning

    As our lives become busier, hectic and over-scheduled, it seems like the right option to get the latest products that promise to make house cleaning easier. Need a bathroom cleaned? Grab a bottle of bleach because like the commercial says bleach means clean right… But what else does the toxic chemical mean?

    Whether you’re a house cleaner who uses some of these toxic products or you hire a house cleaning service to clean your home, it is paramount that you take time to consider the effects of these products.

    Most contain harsh mixtures of chemicals, which can cause prolonged health problems for your health…and your children.

    HomePlus Cleaning, is a locally based house cleaning service that has offices in Tyngsboro, MA, and Lowell MA. This house cleaning company is client oriented and tailor their cleaning packages to fit the need of each client. If a client decides to use traditional chemicals, HomePlus cleaning will oblige, however, Green House cleaning products are always recommended for Massachusetts house cleaning clients.

    3 Major Benefits of Green house Cleaning

    1. Healthier Home
      When you go green, “chemicals will no longer be absorbed into the skin or inhaled by the person doing the house cleaning.”
      Studies have shown that the prolonged use of household cleaning chemicals, even if only used once per week increases the risk of developing asthma. Choosing a house cleaning service that uses Green products can reduce the chances of developing asthma.

    1. Pure Environment
      The use of harmful chemicals are being released into the environment.
      Choosing green cleaning methods will help reduce pollutions to our waterways and the air, it also helps to minimize ozone depletion and climate change.

    2. Safer Products
      Traditional cleaning products pose great risk to our skin and eyes. Often causing chemical burns to the skin and eyes. Green Cleaners are not corrosive and even if left out children will not become ill from ingestion.

    As awareness of our health becomes prevalent, more people are recognizing the negative and in some cases deadly effects of chemicals. More people are choosing greener house cleaning alternatives. The benefits of green house cleaning speaks for itself. Protect your home, family, and call HomePlus Cleaning. Ask about our Green house cleaning package that is making a difference to our Massachusetts clients.